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When great partnerships are forged, the results can be amazing. For us, it’s all about bringing together creative people, playing to their strengths and crafting original and imaginative pieces of work that we can be proud of.


Written by Sarah Beane and Sam Wright

Sometimes there are artists and wordsmiths who we dream of working with, people whose work we greatly admire and envisage when we start a new project. With a combination of the right idea, where their skill set fits with your vision, and the right timing, these partnerships can become a reality.

We love it when this happens, and our most recent partnership has been with Pablo Bernasconi, an Argentinian graphic designer and illustrator whose distinct designs have been featured in The TimesRolling Stone and numerous children’s books.

“He has an exceptional imagination for all things weird and wonderful.”

Pablo Bernasconi


We were asked to reinvent a campaign for one of our clients, which is aimed at children and their nurses. We wanted to give it our signature Lime twist, so for Sam, our Art Director, this was her chance to work with Pablo:

“I love using illustration in campaigns. It brings a whole new dimension and charm to the work” she said, “I’ve been aware of his work for years and wanted to use him in the past but just didn’t have the right brief.”

“When I started working on this project though, I was convinced that Pablo was the only man for the job.”

Because of his previous experience of illustrating children’s books, Pablo was the perfect fit for this project, as we wanted to create visuals that children could get excited about and really relate to.

Pablo Bernasconi


“If you know Pablo’s work at all”, Sam said, “it’s anything but ordinary. He has an exceptional imagination for all things weird and wonderful. I’m so excited to be working with him and love getting his sketches back to see how he’s interpreted each thought. I can’t wait to see the finished campaign in all it’s glory.”

Having seen the developed work so far, we love the mix of vibrant colours, sketches, textures and cut outs that Pablo is so well known for. Watch this space, we’ll be revealing our work once it’s completed!

All images are courtesy of Pablo Bernasconi’s online portfolio on DébutArt. domain archive

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