Celebrating Christmas with a #selftea

Obviously, Christmas is all about the mince pies, mulled wine and many, many Christmas parties… But it’s also a time to reflect on our year, cherish those around us and show love for our fellow human beings.

Here at Lime, we decided this year, instead of blowing the Christmas card budget on fancy photography, pricey printing and postage, we wanted to give back to others who need it.

In August, Alex, Kelly and their family travelled to Sri Lanka and spent time at the Tea Leaf Vision School learning about all the work they do to lift impoverished tea pickers out of poverty and retrain them for better paid work. Kelly and her eldest daughter even did a sponsored teapick in the driving rain. The experience was humbling and awe-inspiring and they appreciate every cup of tea so much more now.

Nearly one million women in Sri Lanka work ten hour days, battling searing heat, torrential rain and blood-sucking leeches to bring us our favourite brew. They are expected to pick 18 kilos of tea leaves a day (a near-impossible task) to collect just R600 (£3) a day. That is often cut in half by the estate owners. These poor tea pickers are trapped within an impossible and cruel system. Their wages barely support them, but they can’t afford to stop working to retrain or find other work. It will come as no surprise that the tea estates are a hotspot for suicide (in a country ranked 4th in the world).

The Tea Leaf Trust works tirelessly with thousands of tea pickers and their families to educate and retrain them. They lift them out of poverty and help get them into better paid jobs or help them to set up their own businesses. We love everything they stand for and wanted to do our bit to help support the charity. This year two of their students were awarded full scholarships to the Asian University of Women after coming in the top 5 applicants from within Sri Lanka. They are the first women from their tea estates to ever attend university.

And so, it is our Christmas wish that you join us in supporting the wonderful work of the Tea Leaf Trust. Donate the price of a cuppa (say, £2 – about half a tea picker’s daily wages), Lime will match your donation!*

It’s easy:

  1. Take a selfie drinking your tea from your favourite mug or cup
  2. Post it on your social media profile, using #selftea and @Lime Advertising @Tea Leaf Trust before Christmas
  3. Donate £2

Merry Christmas!

*Lime are donating the usual cost of producing their Christmas card plus up to £250 donation matching. We will match donations sent to charity on and before 25/12/17.
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